787 plants shutdown by Boeing in South Carolina as hurricane approaches

According to recent reports, on Tuesday, the company spokeswoman in a statement said that Boeing Co is going to suspended operations in South Carolina plant whereby the company assembles 787 wide body aeroplane and jetliners after the evacuation orders where given for people and companies within the coastal areas where by there have been threatened by a very powerful Florence Hurricane. According to reports from the company, Libba Holland, Boeing spokeswoman said that workers within the company have been ordered to evacuate the facility, as the personnel evacuated, Boeing on the other hand flew out several 787 Dreamliners out of South Carolina factory to a secure airport near Boeing’s widebody plant which is located in Washington, Everett and north of Seattle.

However, on Tuesday, the Hurricane Florence strengthen and grew bigger and this according to the weather focusing stations was expected to bring rain, power outages and more so deadly flooding which are anticipated to last for weeks after which the hurricane is expected to slams the Southeast U.S. coast before the end of this week. According to the weather focusing stations, the National Hurricane Center said that the Winds is blowing up to 130 miles per hour which is equivalent to 215 km per hour with a massive wave which is expected to pound the coastal region of North and South Carolina when this Florence Hurricane makes its way on land by Friday. In addition to this, the Hurricane rains will cover miles inland.

Holland however did not have an exact estimate of when the Boeing plants operations would resume. She said that it was hard to give an estimate of time on when the operations would resume since until now no one knows how long The hurricane-related event would last.  She also said that for now the supply to the aerospace industry have seized their operations due to the evacuation orders and hence resuming the Boeing operations within this area means the supply need to resume also their operations to ensure a smooth flow of materials required in the aerospace plant in this areas.

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