Bill Cosby Imprisoned for Sexual Related Charges but Councils Appeals the Decision

It has been years since comedian Bill Cosby has been on the corridors of justice. However, this long legal battle is coming to an end. Bill will have the last chance to prove himself innocent. Tuesday will be his reckoning day because I don’t think he will have an opportunity to prove his innocence. This is after he was accused of three assault cases.

Prosecutor of Montgomery county asked the Pennsylvania judge to sentence Cosby to a 5 to 10-year jail term. This is after Bill sexually assaulted Andrea Constand in 2004. The prosecutor said, “Bill has shown remorse of what he did hence should serve a jail term of between 5 to 10-years.”

However, according to Kevin Steele, the DA said, “He reasons that Bill didn’t do anything wrong but the jury has a different reasoning about the case.” He also said, “Bill was a mentor but this is not what he was after. We know what he was from the start.” Nonetheless, the attorney representing Cosby in the case said, “Bill should be sentenced to a house arrest because of his age.” But, Judge Steven T. O’Neil will give his judgment about the case on Tuesday.

The judge will also determine whether Bill will be classified as a sexually violent offender. The judgment will require Cosby to register with the state police and submit to sex offense related charges and will be receiving counseling. In addition, to his charges, Cosby was sentenced to three to ten years.

How Did the Cosby Case Go?

The case was concluded and Cosby was sentenced to a three to a ten-year jail term. However, his council has said that the judgment was not decided appropriately. They also say that the Philadelphia judge has declared Cosby as a sexual predator that should be jailed in order to safeguard the community.

Moreover, the lawyers said, “The evidence produced during the trial hearing never showed the evidence that Cosby sexually abused Andrea Constand in the documented years of 2003 but it was in 2004.”  During Cosby’s sentence, the judge said, “If that’s what they’ve got then this is beyond Hail Mary.” This is after he heard the conversation between Gianna Constand and Bill Cosby.

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