Italian coalition willing to keep deficit the GDP below 2.0 percent

According to recent reports, on Monday, the Italian ruling coalition party said that according to the country gross domestic product, the government is willing to not only keep but also maintain the public deficit of the country below 2% of the country gross domestic product (GDP) by the beginning of next year. According to the reports, a government official whose identity was not disclosed told the reporters that this conclusion concerning the countries GDP was written into account immediately after the meeting which was held at the prime minister’s office was over and also he added that this section was added to the country’s late budget which according to the government officials said that it will start taking effect as from the beginning of next year. The government nevertheless, made up of the 5-Star Movement party League and the anti-establishment must as soon as possible present all its budget targets before the end of this week. In addition to this the government officials source said that the main idea which the government come up with for maintaining the gross domestic product below psychological threshold of the 2% is currently prevailing.

In addition to this matter, Another government official who’s identity was not disclosed by the reporters said that in the meeting with the Prime minister, Giovanni Tria, the Economy Minister and more so an academic who do not belong to any ruling parties in a statement which he gave was to Insist the government in setting a 2019 target deficit of 1.6 %, while on the other side the League and the 5-Star ministers should come together and try pushing for the hiking deficit above the proposed 2%. However, prime minister’s spokesman last week warned that the 5-Star ministers would come together and fire the treasury officials in what they termed as a mega-vendetta only if they locate the sufficient resources which is needed for the welfare spending. In the meanwhile, Tria attended the flanked meeting which was held on Monday by all members of and more so his top three ministry’s officials. This according to the Prime Minister it would not only improve the countries strategies but also improve the countries economy and more so improving the coming GDP.

Emily Rodriguez

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