Japanese billionare is first SpaceX moon tourist

A report has confirmed that a Japanese billionaire will be the first moon tourist to travel via SpaceX come 2023.

“I choose to go to the moon, with artists,” said Japanese fashion mogul Yusaku Maezawa in a report, adding that he hopes that the artists will be inspired to take on creative projects as a result of the trip once they return to Earth.

These, he added, “will inspire the dreamer within all of us.”

Reports revealed that Maezawa will be visiting the moon, along with six to eight artists, which was described as an “opportunity of a lifetime.”

Maezawa, who is the 18th richest person in Japan, has reportedly made “a very significant deposit” to see this trip to the moon through.

“The two-part BFR will consist of a 180-foot-tall spaceship, including three protruding fins, that sits atop a 230-foot-tall rocket booster. Stacked together, the system is expected to stretch nearly 39 stories high. That is nearly 100 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty and 23 feet taller than NASA’s Saturn V rocket, which launched Apollo astronauts to the moon,” the Business Insider said in its report.

Maezawa said, “Art makes people smile, brings people together.”

SpaceX’s Elon Musk described tha Japanese billionaire as “bravest” and “best adventurer,” according to a report published by the GlobalVillageSpace.com, as this is “dangerous, to be clear” and that it is “no walk in the park.”

Musk, himself, has yet to confirm if he will join the trip, which is reportedly dubbed as #dearMoon.

Apart from the trip to the moon, SpaceX is also working on building human settlement in Mars, which they hope to happen in 2028, which is only a decade from now. Musk said this is intended as an interplanetary transport system that’s capable of getting from Earth to anywhere in the solar system as you establish propellant depots along the way.”

Marco Cáceres, a senior space analyst at the Teal Group, told Business Insider that Musk “wants to have two planets for humans to live on. Some people call it crazy, but it kind of makes some sense. If something were to happen to our planet, we have an option.”

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