Stories changing the social media platforms

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Stories is now a top trending features for almost all the top social media platforms. This feature was first started by Snapchat and then Facebook adapted it for itself and then for Instagram. Stories involves pictures and videos which are shown in a sequence consisting of time. Stories is a hit because people can easily view the information they want to in a more attractive and convenient manner.

As the mobile market has been so much expanded that now every feature that is being introduced is first made compatible with the mobile phones. Improvements are being made in the mobile camera technology which is a good supportive feature for the stories, as through stories the social media platforms allows the users to take pictures and shoot videos.

The best thing about stories is that its privacy, many things that are done by users which are random, so the stories allows the users to post anything on stories which will be available only for 24 hours, after that the story will be removed. This improves the privacy sector in the tech industry which was under strict controversy for the last decade. So, through stories things have got better.

Due to stories it allowed brands and businesses to advertise their content through this feature which is also a great hit. Marketers are finding it easy to market about the brands and businesses, all it takes is to produce quality content and to follow the social media platforms’ policies which will help the marketers to market their content effectively.

The stories on Instagram are sure changing the game for the advertisers like now they must incorporate many things in the stories in order to make it an effective advertisement. Stories are just of few seconds so it very important for the advertisers to gain the attention of the followers in that short amount of time. Advertisers must be creative and can indulge many techniques to make a story attractive and meaningful, advetisers must need also to buy instagram followers for instant viral effect of marketing.

Just like the news feed was a top trending features but now it has been upgraded into the stories mode which can carry all the useful information that a user wants to convey to his or her audience. Many companies are investing into this feature. There are also many new technologies being introduced which are being collaborated with the story’s mode like the addition of augmented reality, the stories feature is getting more interesting. The whole e-commerce system is also highly invested into this feature. Artificial Intelligence is also playing a role in making the systems smart enough which then can be incorporated with the stories feature. Visual effects, motion designs and graphic designing are all being added into the stories features. With all these features supporting the stories features tells you that it will remain here into the social media platforms for a long time. There can be more interesting updates into this feature, but the idea will remain as the main feature for the social media platforms.


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